How to Start a Photography Business

Like all businesses, starting a photography business isn’t as simple as registering and getting hired as a freelancer in photojournalism. No need to fear, as this in-depth guide will provide you with all the details you need to start your own photography business.

clipboard, orange box with text "week 3 market research - customers & competitors"

Week 3: Market Research – Your Customers & Competitors

So you’ve got a business idea, now you need to know whos going to buy your product or service. You might already have an idea of who this is, but with proper research, you’re not going to know for sure. We’ll show you how to find your competitors and your target market through effective market research. We’ll use the data gathered here to identify your competitors and target market so you’re more prepared for launch.

What are the Risks and Rewards of Starting Your Own Business?

Today we take a look at the risks and rewards of starting a business. Starting your own business can be very rewarding. There are also a number of risks involved in becoming an entrepreneur.  This blog post covers all the problems and joys you might expect to encounter when starting your own business and being your own boss.

The role of credit scores in startup funding

The Role of Credit Scores in Startup Funding

For many entrepreneurs, borrowing is a necessary evil as few new businesses have the capital to be entirely self-funded.

In this article, I’ll explain the role credit scores play in startup funding and some of the credit score-based borrowing options available.