Easy to use financial modelling software

Unlimited exploration of your business's future

How it works

Brixx is an intuitive and accessible tool designed for businesses of all scales to model the future.

1) Build your model

Starting from a template, build a model of your business from simple components.

2) Forecast your numbers

Brixx guides you through entering your figures, from sales forecasts to staff salaries.

3) Simulate scenarios

Adjust your model to test the scenarios you need to make better informed strategic decisions.

For cash flow projections

Model all cash in and out of your business over time. Stress test your cash reserves with any scenario you need to run.

  • Set cash terms around income & expenditure
  • Time large expenses like asset purchases or new hires
  • Plug cash flow gaps with funding sources like loans
  • Analyse ‘what if’ you don’t win that client/deal/etc

3-way forecasting

Your model automatically generates a range of professional report outputs saving you a huge amount of time creating your financial plans.

  • Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet reports
  • Drill into each line by its source in your model
  • Adjust your model to see all reports update instantly

Rapid scenario modelling

Model your future without limitations. Create complex scenarios in minutes and map out the different paths you could take.

  • Move activities in time on an interactive financial timeline
  • Turn any component of your model on or off to see the impact
  • Run multiple plans to explore different possibilities

Try the bike shop demo

The best way to get to grips with Brixx is to try it! Jump into a real session of Brixx with a pre-built bike shop plan.

Use with Xero or standalone

Brixx is a complete forecasting tool in itself. It can also be used with Xero.

If you are a Xero user, you can get started with Brixx quickly from your Xero accounts and automatically import up-to-date actuals every day.

Who it’s for

Startups and businesses from every industry are using Brixx all across the world.


Test out ideas and create financial plans for getting funded.


Track and improve over time by measuring your forecast against actuals.


Delight your clients with software they’ll love and understand.

Join thousands of businesses across 70 countries

“You can model scenarios with accelerated growth due to funding or advertising spend, or slow the business growth down to see how those factors change the outcome.”

Jack Berryman – MintMech